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Damianos' brotherly love...

The Smithtown News - December 17, 2020

Portrait a tribute to sibling, partner

Damianos Realty Group, of Smithtown, unveiled an oil-on-canvas portrait of the late John E. Damianos, Esq., which now hangs in the boardroom of the company's headquarters at 222 Middle Country Road, Smithtown.

Mr. Damianos, 67, an attorney and real estate developer, loving family man, and humanitarian, passed away unexpectedly February 25, 2019 at his home in Old Field, where he was a longtime resident.

Born December 19, 1951 in Plattsburgh, New York to Dr. Xenophon and Virginia Damianos, .Mr. Damianos was raised in Stony Brook with his five brothers and sisters. Mr. Damianos was a principal and legal counsel for Damianos Realty Group. He helped grow the company into one of the most successful private family-owned realty businesses on Long Island.

Due to COVID-19, the portrait unveiling was limited to immediate family and executive staff but was attended virtually by many others.

The painting is by the well-known artist, Ying He Lui, a local artist who, since 1968, has painted more than 250 portraits, including ambassadors, corporate officers, financers, university presidents, entertainers and many more. In order to create the portrait Ms. Liu had to construct an image using multiple photographs of Mr. Damianos to obtain the subtle details of his facial expressions, complexion traits, and hand characteristics. The commission took nine months to create from start to finish.

Several progressive visits were necessary to ensure the capturing of every detail, from his clothing selection to the background type, and ultimately to his posture and pose, according to the Damianos family.

The portrait's plaque, written by both Pelops Damianos and Elektra Damianos Gaebelein reads: Truly a soft-spoken gentleman whom was known for his kindness, humility and deep love of family. His character was defined through his quickness of wit and sense of humor. His endearing passion for philanthropy, humanitarianism and community were always of focus. His love for gardening and strong attention to detail is reflected in the fabric of each property and stands as a hallmark of the portfolio."

"The new painting is spectacular in every detail and truly captures John's essence perfectly," Pelops Damianos said at the unveiling. "I will look onto this painting, past that of the brush strokes of oil on canvas, to the echo of the man who I continue to respect, honor and miss so dearly."

John Damianos' portrait now hangs next to that of his father's, Damianos Realty Group's founder; Xenophon P. Damianos, M.D .. Xenophon's portrait was commissioned by the same artist, Ying-He Liu, in 2003.

"Now John joins our father in our boardroom and will continue to play a part, spiritual in nature, of every meaningful decision made to continue the company's growth as it enters over 53 years in business," said X. Cristofer Damianos about his brother.

Mr. Damianos devoted his time to numerous philanthropic and community organizations. Most notable, he served as a board member of his community Greek Church, Middle Country Growth Coalition, Long Island Building Owners-Managers Association (BOMA) and the Real Estate Institute. Mr. Damianos was a recipient of the ABLI Developer of the Year Award and in 2019, the Long Island Business News Redevelopment of the Year Award. A graduate of The Stony Brook School, and Long Island University, Mr. Damianos earned his Juris Doctor from the California Western School of Law.

A member of the Suffolk County Bar Association since 1982, John Damianos had been influential in the success of the organization, directing matters related to the company's acquisitions, leasing, and operations and real estate transactions. He graduated from college in 1981 and went right to work for the Damianos company.

With an artist's flair, Mr. Damianos was an avid gardener who loved working in his yard. His family credits the beauty of the grounds around its buildings to his influence.



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