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Continuing the legacy

Herald Real Estate Achievements and Leadership Awards - February 2024

Jason Pelops Damianos, the son of Pelops Damianos, has joined Damianos Realty Group LLC, marking a significant addition to the company’s team and legacy. In his new role, Jason will immerse himself in the company’s diverse portfolio, which includes office, industrial and retail properties. Additionally, he will oversee the operations of the company’s latest asset, located at 570 Expressway Drive South in Medford, NY. His responsibilities span from vendor meetings to construction management and service contract negotiations, showcasing his aptitude as a valuable team member.


  Having recently obtain a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Sacred Heart University, Jason brings a fresh perspective and a solid educational background to his position. Furthermore, the office atmosphere has been engrained into his DNA - having grown up within the office space. Each summer and winter session from high school until college, the kids would work doing maintenance around the office, including construction as well as maintenance work like taking out the trash, cleaning the roof gutter drains and straightening up. After graduation, the next step was coming in with a jacket and tie and getting to work.


This ritual was started by Pelops own father, the late Dr. Xenophon Damianos, who believed in building up character, remaining humble and soft-spoken, and not entitled and self-deserving; so later down the line when you delegate those tasks to someone, you know because you’ve done it yourself at one point, not just someone who comes in at the top right away.


“It’s all about the next generation,” Pelops said. “Where we do all this stuff for our kids, because as we get older, they come in to take the lead. Which would make my dad so happy because it was set up that way. He did build it for us and we grew it five-fold, now we can give it to our kids so they can grow it six times, too, and to their kids and so on. It’s a legacy.”


Through touring the office with curious wide eyes as a child to working in the office as a young man in 9th grade and eventually into his four- year internship with the company, Jason - born and bred for this work - has been equipped with an understanding of the Long Island real estate market and its competitive landscape inside and out.


“We are looking forward to seeing Jason’s success in the new role and growth within the company.” X. Cristofer Damianos, Pelops brother and Principal at Damianos Realty Group said. “I feel a deep sense of comfort and joy seeing the next generation coming in, knowing that something my father built for us, his children, is now being taken on by his grandchildren - as we joint forces - ensuring the continuation of the legacy of our family’s business.” Pelops added.


The company founded in 1968 by the late Dr. X. Damianos, has evolved into a prominent family - owned and operated commercial real estate entity. Specializing in innovative office, retail, industrial and land development projects - Damianos Realty Group LLC has left a significant footprint across Long Island. With acquisition spanning various locations, including Hauppauge (150 Motor Parkway), Shirley, Melville, Center Moriches and Stony Brook, the company currently owns over a million square feet of commercial space. Many of which were rundown, unused locations turned into a successful shopping centers or developments that the community can benefit from an ensure that they are well served.


“This is why we do what we do - we build not only physical structures,” Pelops said. “But buildings for a better future, as the community - minded people we are. We sit with the Chambers and politicians to see what they want to see - from Aldi’s to Harbor Freight Tools to Starbucks.”


With a management team boasting over 55 years of experience in leasing, acquisitions, design, property management, and construction - Damianos Realty Group LLC, prides itself on its ability to create and maintain prosperous business environments tailored to the needs of its tenants. Their commitment to fostering strong professional relationships while remaining attuned to community well-being, highlights their position as one of Long Island’s largest premier developers and owners of commercial real estate. As Jason Damianos steps into his new role, the company anticipates his contributions to further propel its growth trajectory and continue the Damianos tradition.

By Alexa Anderwkavich





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