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Newsday: These LI dads and kids keep business all in the family

X. Cristofer Damianos, principal at commercial real estate brokerage Damianos Realty of Smithtown, is no stranger to working with family. He and his two brothers, John and Pelops, learned everything about the industry from the company’s founder — their father, Xenophon Damianos. Now, Damianos works alongside his daughter Alexandra Damianos. “She’s my right-hand girl,” he said. “When she said she wanted to come work with me, it was music to my ears.” Alexandra, 24, who earned a degree in finance from  Marist College two years ago, has been working with her father ever since. Her sister, Markella, 25, an assistant school teacher, and Alexandra’s twin brother, X. Cristofer Jr., who is in architecture, follow different career paths, but she said she […]

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