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A New Look in Town

SMITHTOWN– Over the summer months, we watched the major renovations being completed at 180 East Main Street. While wailing for a light at anyone of the four comers of town, we glanced over at the daily progress and thought, what could possibly be done to improve the look of this stately, handsome property?
Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Cris Damianos, developer and land lord of 180 East Main Street, as well as four other prestigious addresses in Town, i.e., # 222, II- 260, #240 and #285 Middle Country Road. We discussed the renovations and the reasons behind the costly improvements.
The building was built in 1969 with the architectural design of the historical building guidelines. The first tenants, Tinker National Bank was followed by Marine Midland Bank and presently the home of HSBC’ s Smithtown location. Damianos Realty Group purchased this building in 2002. It was the gateway to the historical district of Smithtown and the central focus of the community. Over the last few years, when evaluating the building ‘s structure, it began to look tired and in need of repair both inside and out. The plumbing, the central air units and the elevators were all original. It was time to update the interior and renovate the exterior.
Since this building is centered in the heart of the historical area of Smithtown, once again, it had to be compliant and conform with the architectural design standards of the Village of the Branch. Mark Mancini of Mancini Architecture & Design worked closely with Damianos to retain the building’s gracious historical look, with suggested renovations and a new design facade. Mark submitted new proposals and renderings for consideration and the renovation materials were all purchased locally, specifically, Nassau Suffolk Lumber supplied the project with lumber.
“It was a pleasure working with the Village of the Branch Trustees,” stated Cris. “The Trustees were such excellent people to work with on this project. They expedited our permits and approved the building inspections in a timely manner, making the project move quickly,” Cris added. As to not interrupt their tenants’ business day, the work took on a thoughtful progression in coordinating a floor by floor plan, so that the companies were not inconvenienced by the renovation process. To compliment the entrance hallway, the lobby of 180 East Main Street is lined with graciously displayed historical photos, reminiscent of a time-gone-by era that resembles a historical art gallery.
In talking further with Cris, he shared with me the secret of the beautiful landscaping at the Damianos Really Group’s properties. They are meticulously maintained and mindfully supervised by a company-employed horticulturist who oversees every’ planting and the seasonal annuals and a landscape architect who plans the beautiful design and graceful colors at these magnificent properties.
As the community witnessed the transformation of this impressive building, we all now can enjoy the stately presence of this prestigious property that exemplifies the investment of time and pride in our community. Thank you to the Damianos Realty Group!
Original Article written November 12th, 2008 by Barbara Franco . Executive Director at the Smithtown Chamber of Commerce